What Does Your Favorite TV Show Say About You?

Where would we be without TV to sweep us off our feet? Scroll to find out what your favorite show says about you!


13 Reasons Why: You’re mysterious. Sometimes not even your closest friends know what’s really going on in your mind.

Insatiable: You’re competitive, but never really take life too seriously.

Stranger Things: You’re quiet and like to keep to yourself, but when it comes to friendship you are one of the most loyal people around.

Riverdale: You’re nostalgic, often romanticizing the past. At times you have a dark imagination, but most days you like to keep life fun and friendly.

Friends: You like to make things up as you go along. You understand that laughter is the best medicine.

Pretty Little Liars: You’re complicated and have many different sides to you. You’re determined to get to the bottom of life’s mysteries.

Gossip Girl: You enjoy the finer things in life. At times you can be dramatic, but you know how to reign it in and keep it classy.

Gilmore Girls: Of all your friends, you're the most studious and the most conscientious. Sometimes you might feel uncool, but trust us, you are cooler than you know.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!