Diana's Diary: Entry 2


A princess’ work is never done. Running for president while keeping my reputation in tact has been a major hustle. After losing Jenna and Morgan I had to get replacement minions, who I swear are practically useless, and are not good at their jobs, namely making my life easier. So, I continue having to do everything myself.

I wish people could see how exhausting it is to be me.

All people see is the mask I wear--tough, bossy, in control--they never see how much work goes into it. They never see how...sad I really am. They probably think I like being mean. Well, I don’t. It’s just the only way I know how to get people to listen to me. Being nice never got my parents’ attention. Then again, neither has being mean. I see how being nice works for other people. Jenna, Kate, even Cassie, and I wish I knew how to be like that!

But, everyone has their thing, and mine is being in control of everybody around me. Even Brayden thinks I’m great at it. When I told him I was running for president, he said, “That’s cool Diana, you’re really great at bossing people around.” I think he meant it as an insult, but I mean, what could possibly be a bigger compliment?

Anyway, whether he meant to insult or compliment me is neither here nor there. What really matters is that he accepted my proposal to get back together! Having a boyfriend on the varsity soccer team will work wonders for my image, and totally bump my odds at winning. He even said some of his teammates would help with the campaign!

Diary, I know how it seems, but I am not using him. I actually want to be with him. I mean, at least I think I do. Sometimes what I want and what I think I want get confused.

But one thing I know for sure is that I want to be seen, and I want to be loved. I’m fifteen and don’t think either have happened yet.

Maybe this will be the year.