Emily Skinner: Diana's Princess Playlist


When Diana’s feeling down, she escapes into her own Total Eclipse fantasy world. There, she’s a true princess lording over her royal subjects, instead of an everyday bossy Millwood high schooler. Feel like royalty by treating yourself to Diana’s perfect princess playlist.

Diana’s living her fantasy. Let me be your ruler, you can call me Queen D.

Princess or rockstar? Either way, you’re the center of attention and surrounded by adoring fans.

This song lets Diana escape into her perfect dream world, where “all the kingdom lights shine” just for her.

For authentic Disney princess vibes.

Shouldn’t everyone want to be just like Diana? Well, at least she thinks so. Find your own confidence when you belt these lyrics.

Nothing channels Diana’s emotions better than an icy glare.

A pop song just for her? That’s the key to Diana’s heart, as long as she doesn’t really listen to the words.

Imagine that everything around you is glittery, beautiful, and most of all, fabulous.  

Strut through the school hallway to the beat of this empowering track.

Deep inside, Diana wants to be loved. Remind yourself what you’re worth with this upbeat Disney remix.

Nothing can bring you down when you feel like royalty. Listen to these 10 tracks when you need to find your confidence and inner strength.

Zara Lisbon