Lauren Orlando: Spells With Kate


Trying to fall in love? Want your crush to notice you? Want others to see your authentic love within? Try a love spell with Kate!

Just remember: Results may vary. Love doesn’t always go according to plan. Just like Cassie, Jenna, and Kate on Total Eclipse, be ready to accept the unpredictable consequences of love’s presence in your life!

Kate's Love Spell Instructions:

  • Wear an outfit that makes you feel like your happiest, most natural self.

  • Sit cross-legged on a comfortable carpet or fuzzy blanket.

  • Surround yourself with calming music, candlelight, ambient noise, stuffed animals, or your best friends.  

  • Take three deep breaths and close your eyes.

  • Open your eyes and continue to recite the spell…

I look up to the stars above

And I cast a spell for love

You find me here, in quiet and peace

And with my heart I shall release

My love into the world outside

There for a wandering soul to find

And cradle with such care and tact

To know me well and love me back.

  • Now, just one final step. Repeat the following three times:

    I invoke the spirit of love, to find someone who will love me as I truly am.

You’re all done! Take one more deep breath, stand up, stretch, and prepare for love to change you in the most unexpected ways. Good luck!