Brooklyn's Top Five Playlist


Brat Talent Show star Brooklyn Queen hooked us up with her current top five favorite songs. Scroll to find out what she’s been listening to!

Emoji - Brooklyn Queen

I love Emoji it’s a fun song and very practical since everyone uses emojis.

Bubble Gum - Kaci The Model

Makes you want to get up and dance!

Halo - Beyoncé

I love Halo because it’s such a touching song reminds me of my cousin Roman that passed away.

Lemonade - Brooklyn Queen

I love this song because it really helps me get an important message out to my fans. Life isn’t always sweet, you must have big dreams and put in the work and sacrifice to achieve them.

Level Up - Ciara

It’s a great dance song that talks about “leveling up” your life with positivity.

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