Talking Dirt

Can you believe what's going down on Dirt? We barely can. We sat down with the cast to help process all this drama. Scroll down for the dirt on Dirt!


How does your character change this season?

David Patty: The events that happen at the very end of the first half of this season really send Daniel into a dark place, and things definitely change for the worse before they can get better, but I think he learns a lot these episodes.

Kalani Hilliker: My character goes through a lot of hard decisions this season which makes her stronger. She really starts to realize what she is passionate about this season.

Blaine Maye: Johnny really starts to get tested for the first time in season 1b. He’s kind of always done things his way so to speak, and we really see his utopia he built slip away from him. His love for moto, his girlfriend, and basically everything else he knows is challenged, so it’s going to be really fun to see how he reacts to it all!

Maitlyn Pezzo: I believe my character changes a lot this season. She has to go through some challenges and learns a lot of different life lessons, all while trying to balance being in a new town and meeting new people. I think she learns a lot about herself and this new life she’s been thrown into.

How are you similar to and/or different from your character?

David Patty: Daniel is definitely angrier than I am, but he’s actually surprisingly friendly and I think that we have a lot in common. He has a more negative outlook on life, which I think is similar to mine when I was a bit younger. He just never really had good parenting but he’s a good kid.

Kalani Hilliker: My character and I are similar because we both are very passionate about dance and love to do it. We are different because my character is super boy crazy and I am not like that!

Blaine Maye: I definitely don’t think I’m a lot like Johnny in my real life. I try to be as kind and loving towards everyone I meet, and always try to look on the bright side of things. Johnny however, eh not so much. Yet, at the same time I think we couldn’t be more similar. He has such a history to him and because of that there’s this cry for help that comes from within. I think every person on Earth can relate to that.

Maitlyn Pezzo: We are both very driven and put our all into the thing we love. We both care about a lot about the people we love and will protect them fiercely.

Describe the new episodes in one word.

David Patty: Fractured. A lot of things get broken and pushed apart before they can get fixed.

Kalani Hilliker: Intense.

Blaine Maye: Adversity.

Maitlyn Pezzo: Crazy!

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