Autumn's Weekly Horoscope 9/17


Welcome to my weekly horoscope, thanks for swinging by! I'm Autumn, and I'll be reading the stars for you. Find your sign and see what the stars have in store this week!

Virgo: You'll be glad to know this week has pleasant surprises in store for you. Don't let your skepticism get in the way of enjoying a good thing!

Libra: Your curiosity will lead you to interesting discoveries. Especially about yourself. Along the way you may experience anger or jealousy, but those are just side effects of your growth, and shouldn't be feared. 

Scorpio: You may find that you're hard on yourself this week, judging yourself where you think you may have been wrong. It's good to take responsibility for your mistakes, but don't let it bring you down! Remember that you're human, just like everyone else, and are perfect exactly the way you are. 

Sagittarius: Your constantly passionate nature may be starting to wear you down. This is the week to rest and restore your creative energies. Read a book, reconnect with an old friend, and take a nap--you'll need to save your strength for the awesomeness to come! 

Capricorn: This week you will feel stronger than usual. Move towards what feels good and away from what feels bad without giving it a second thought. This is a good time to plan a trip with friends you trust! 

Aquarius: Tell the universe (and those closest to you) what you want this week. It's time for an upgrade, so be open to new levels of living. Pick something you've always wanted to do and do it! THIS is the week. 

Pisces: You may have to set boundaries in order to protect your heart from those who don't have your best interest in mind. Believe that nobody and nothing can determine your worth, and you will be unstoppable. 

Aries: You might be eager to act on a new romantic prospect, but the stars say to take it slow. Instead of rushing into things, use this week to reconnect with who you are and what you want. After all, playing a little hard to get never hurt anybody. 

Taurus: Light will be shed and truths will be revealed. Try to understand that life isn't black and white. It may be time to forgive somebody for their past mistakes. 

Gemini: You may be feeling anxious and impatient, but try to take a breath and relax. Don't worry, taking it easy this week won't lead to any missed opportunities. 

Cancer: It's time to venture out of your comfort zones. Take a trip, talk to somebody new, dance like nobody's watching. You'll be glad you did. 

Leo: This week might feel harsh when it comes to relationships, so don't be afraid to take some alone time. Put on some music, take a bath, and remember that everybody who is meant to be in your life will stay in your life. 

Come back next week for more wisdom from above!