Talking ‘Zoe Valentine’


Zoe Valentine premieres Wednesday at 3PM and we couldn’t possibly be more excited! Scroll to hear what stars Anna Cathcart and Diego Velazquez had to say about making our newest show come to life:

Describe this season in one word:

Diego Velazquez: Intriguing.

Anna Cathcart: Discovering who you are (oops, that’s more than one word!)

Tell us a funny story from set:

Diego Velazquez: So they cut a hole in the back of one of the lockers and all of us started knocking on the locker through the hole from the other room and scaring each other. We also all made a bunch of funny videos with the locker.

Anna Cathcart: One time we were shooting a scene where it started with me and Diego off camera. He thought he had time to have a quick snack so he ate a handful of trail mix just as the director called “action!”  Diego panicked and sprinted to the nearest garbage can and quickly spat it all out just in time to walk into the scene. It was so hard for the both of us to keep a straight face after that!!

What do you hope viewers take away from this season?

Diego Velazquez: I hope the Zoe Valentine viewers take away that family and friendship is important and to never take it for granted. Also always be open and non judgmental to new people because you never know how much one person could impact your life.

Anna Cathcart: I hope they can relate to the characters and understand that everyone growing up is just trying to figure out who they are and that they’re not alone.

What was your favorite outfit that you got to wear?

Diego Velazquez: My favorite outfit was the one with the duck button up shirt…I just thought it was funny!

Anna Cathcart: The black and white funeral outfit - the first outfit we see Zoe in. I really liked how it had vintage vibes and I loved the collar! I also love the shoes which were lace up kinda saddle shoes but with a bit of a heel. Zoe always wears high socks and I love that look!

What was the biggest challenge you faced on set?

Diego Velazquez: I think the biggest challenge I faced while shooting this season was learning how to do magic tricks because I had NO idea what I was doing.

Anna Cathcart: I found it really difficult to concentrate on doing my homework on set because not everyone had the same school obligations and it was way more fun chatting and getting to know the cast. I still go to “regular” school in Vancouver and I had assignments that I had to complete while I was away and two tests to write when I got back.  But I managed!

What makes this show special?

Diego Velazquez: This show is special because it sheds light on the fact that we can lose the people we love very quickly and how that effects your life so completely.

Anna Cathcart: It tackles some major life topics but also lower scale teenage problems that many people can relate to. I hope you all love it!

Watch the magic happen Wednesdays at 3PM!