Addison Riecke: Cathy's Diary, Entry 2



For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

It’s something we learn in chemistry class, but it’s true in life, too. Henry’s arrival is shaking things up already, and it feels like the changes have only just begun. The best part is that my parents aren’t bothering me so much anymore. Now, I have to share the attention, and it feels good not to have a constant spotlight on my every action. It feels especially good that no one is bothering me about that terrible blowhard Laurence.

Nothing much is new with Junior, though I cannot help but smile every time I pass him at school. Speaking of school, we’ve got new lab partners - Jo is with Abby, and I’m with Dwight. They’re the new kids from Millwood. I’m a little sad not to be with Jo, but it was nice to get to know Dwight, if only for a moment. It sounds like things weren’t as good at his old school. I’m happy he and Abby are here instead.

I cannot figure out why Henry’s back, but something doesn’t seem right. I barely even know him, even though he’s my own brother. I haven’t even lived in the same house with him since I was a little kid. A part of me wants to get to know him and spend more time with him, but another part of me feels wary of his presence. The way he interrupted Jo and me earlier, like maybe he had something to say but was holding made me think there is more to his story.

I really have a feeling that there’s more of this equation to solve. For now, though, it’s back to real chemistry and a mountain of homework. I’ve got to be a normal high schooler sometimes, right?