Sabrina's Self-Care Sunday 1/27


If you know me, you know I’m a hard worker. Quite often I feel like I’m out in the world fending for myself, which means I have to work twice as hard just to survive. But something I’ve learned: I’ll go crazy if I don’t stop to take it easy on myself. 2019 is the year I learn self-care. Come by on Sundays and I’ll share my favorite self-care tips and tricks with you!

Self-care tips to try this week:

Go on a hike

Physical activity is proven to boost endorphins, which make you feel like your best self! The only thing better than some light exercising is light exercising in nature.

Say “No”

Sometimes we think it’s in our best interest to say “yes” to what your friends and family members want you to do, but what happens when suddenly you have no time left for yourself? You owe it to yourself to say “no” to anything you don’t want to do, it will open up some time to do things you love!


Being of service to others is the best way to increase your self-esteem. Try volunteering at an animal shelter for extra dose of good vibes!

Go shopping

Retail therapy is real! You don’t have to go wild, but treating yourself to a new shirt or a nice bracelet is a tried and true way to change your mood for the better!

Don’t force yourself to eat something you don't want to

In today’s day and age, everyone is constantly trying the newest “health” trends, but it’s okay if they’re not all for you! Don’t want to drink a green smoothie? Don’t like the taste of dates? Don’t eat ‘em! There are many ways to be healthy, it doesn’t have to be unpleasant!

Take care of yo self, and I’ll see you next week!