Annie LeBlanc: Rhyme's Room DIY


Hi friends, and welcome to my newest DIY project: ROOM DECOR! Ready to give your room an upgrade? Just follow along on Fridays for my newest easy-to-do ideas!

Today’s idea: complimentary mirror

All you need is…

One six-inch mirror

Liquitex black paint

Liquitex white paint

Paint brushes

Got your materials? Great! Now all you have to do is…

  1. Use one of the thicker brushes to paint a black strip across the top of the mirror.

    Note: The strip should be wide enough that you can write a short sentence on it.

  2. Repeat on the bottom section of the mirror.

  3. Wait for the paint to dry! Then, once it’s dry…

  4. Use one of the thinnest brushes to write a complimentary or motivational sentence onto the top strip of black.

    Example: Hello, beautiful!

  5. Write a second sentence on the bottom section of the mirror.

    Example: Seriously, you look gorgeous today.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, YOU’RE the fairest one of all!