Zoe Valentine: Magic Tricks With Zoe and Brody


Zoe and her BFF Brody are working to nail down some impressive magic tricks. Wanna join the fun and impress your friends? Stop by on Wednesdays for some shockingly easy tricks!

Trick 1: Guess The Crayon

The trick: Guess the color of the crayon using your mind-reading powers!

The props: A small box of crayons.

The super simple steps:

1. Stand with your back to your audience holding the box of crayons in your hand behind your back. Ask a member of the audience to pick a color crayon out of the box and place it in your hand.

2. Turn back to face the audience, still with your hands behind your back. Scrape the crayon with your right thumbnail so that just a tiny bit of wax gets beneath the nail.

3. Keeping the crayon behind your back in your left hand, direct the audience onto your right hand by waving it in front of them and saying “I’m reading your thoughts now, so think hard about what color you chose!”

4. As you’re waving your hand, check the color under your thumbnail.

5. Reveal the answer! You can be as dramatic or as subtle as you please, but either way, your audience will be wowed.

And remember: life is magic!