Addison Riecke: Cathy's Diary Entry 4



It was something else altogether.

Henry, I mean. I had known something was going on with him; after all, that’s why Jo and I followed him all the way to his meeting with Lawrence Dupont’s father. Double-crossing my father in the family business? Odd, of course, but perhaps it was beyond the realm of what I could understand. However, the panic in Ray’s voice on the phone makes me think it’s something darker, maybe scarier. Something for which I may be needed.

Things are the same as ever back at school. Lunch with Jo, chemistry class, spying on the new principal. I suppose that’s my new normal these days. Junior seems to be pulling away from me a bit, though I’m not sure why. Perhaps I’m the one pulling away from him and I don’t even realize. I’ve been preoccupied lately. It’s not just my friendship with Jo, or my new chemistry partnership with Dwight. It’s all the drama with my family, particularly Henry. I’ve got a lot on my mind.

I am thinking about a line from my reading homework: “Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope.” Jo says it means that even when we don’t want to judge others, we always do. I do worry about Dwight judging me for my family, or Junior judging me for wanting to get to know Dwight. But, maybe I should think more about my own judgment. Should I stop meddling and let Henry do whatever he’s doing?

Then again, I think about Ray’s worried voice on the phone, or the way Henry looked at me from across the dinner table, and I think that I should stay right where I am.