Lily Chee: February Nail Art With Britney


Hey cuties, I’m back! Tomorrow is February, which means it’s Valentine’s Day season, and I wanna make sure your nails are on point all month. Follow these easy steps for the cutest Valentine’s Day looks!

I call this one “Red and WILD”

First thing’s first, make sure you have all your materials:

Red nail polish

Silver and gold nail decals

Clear top coat


Now follow these easy steps:

  1. Carefully paint red polish onto all fingers on hand #1 (you can start with whichever hand you feel like doing first!)

  2. I know this sounds boring, but wait a full thirty minutes to MAKE SURE they're fully dry. Watch some Zoe Valentine while you wait!

  3. When the polish is absolutely dry, use a tweezers to remove and apply the gold and silver decals in whatever arrangement you want. Hint: One decal per nail will look best.

  4. Top it all off with a layer of top coat on each finger, then let it dry for another thirty minutes (just to avoid smudges).

  5. Repeat on hand #2!

And just like that, you’re RED-y to go!