Talking Boss Cheer


Welcome back to Boss Cheer! Season 2 airs today at 3PM, but in the meantime, scroll to read what the cast had to say about filming:

What was the most fun part of filming Season 2?

Tristan Tales: In season 2, we have this really fun scene were Charlotte (Sarah Reasons) and Kody (me) trick the other cheerleaders into having a giant slumber party at the gym, and we filmed really late that night so it actually started to feel like a real slumber party. There were times where we all just couldn't stop laughing at the most random things, at one point I actually forgot we were on set and thought we were really all having a slumber party lol it was my favorite day of filming. 

Sofie Dosi: The best part was all the behind the scenes fun and friendships the whole cast had together! We feel like a family.

What was the biggest challenge?

Tristan Tales: Kody has a MUCH bigger role this season. The character experiences a lot more ups and downs and is faced with more challenges. As an actor, getting to interpret those challenges that my character was facing was a challenge in itself. I had way more lines this season and had to experience way more emotions. There's a scene where Mady (Tessa Brooks) really hurt Kody's feelings, and I remember actually internalizing that, and I walked out of the scene with my eyes tearing up and a frog in my throat.

Sofie Dossi: The biggest challenge was making sure that our form and timing were accurate on the stunts.  That was SOOO critical when doing our flips and tricks! So much work went into the stunts!

What are you most excited for the fans to see?

Tristan Tales: Ummm everything! There is soooo much going on in this season and all the actors did such an amazing job. I can't wait for everyone to see how much we've all improved as performers since Season 1. 

Sofie Dossi: I’m so excited for the fans to see the juicier new story lines of Season 2! The plot thickens with all the characters…and stay tuned for some new characters!

What are you most proud of?

Tristan Tales: my cast members!

Sofie Dossi: I’m really proud our whole cast and the choreographers who worked together to bring the cheer and dance performances to the point of looking amazing (and safe). We wanted both the acting and the performing to look great for everyone to watch and really, really enjoy.

Describe Season 2 in one word:

Tristan Tales: Insane.

Sofie Dossi: LOVE :D