Sabrina's Self-Care Sunday 2/10


If you know me, you know I’m a hard worker. Quite often I feel like I’m out in the world fending for myself, which means I have to work twice as hard just to survive. But something I’ve learned: I’ll go crazy if I don’t stop to take it easy on myself. 2019 is the year I learn self-care. Come by on Sundays and I’ll share my favorite self-care tips and tricks with you!

Self-care tips to try this week:

Read a book.

Head to your local library or bookstore and wander around, then get lost for a few hours in that perfect page-turner.

Knit or crochet.

Pick up some yarn, turn on a YouTube tutorial, and rest your mind. Bonus: gift your cozy creation to someone who needs extra comfort right now.

Hang out with friends.

Invite your BFFs over to catch up on homework, discuss your weekends, watch Netflix, and laugh until Monday’s stress doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Take selfies.

There’s nothing wrong with a little self-love. Put on your favorite outfit, snap some pics, and remind yourself that you are beautiful inside and out!

Play a card game.

UNO, War, or Go Fish? Think about your favorite childhood card game and spend an hour playing with a friend or family member.

Take care of yo self, and I’ll see you next week!