Autumn's Weekly Horoscope 2/11


Welcome to my weekly horoscope, thanks for swinging by! I'm Autumn, and I'll be reading the stars for you. Find your sign and see what the cosmos have in store this week!

Aquarius: When one door closes, another one opens. Don’t let small failures get you down; instead, use them as fuel to try again or reach for another goal. Be creative when it comes to your future, because there are unlimited possibilities out there for you.

Pisces: This week, you are full of motivation. Get a head start on schoolwork you’ve been procrastinating, organize your bedroom, or help a friend finish a tough assignment. Others are going to be inspired by and drawn to your energy, so use it wisely.

Aries: Get spiritual this week. Connect with your introspective side by journaling, spending time in nature, or having a deep conversation with someone you trust. Think about your journey so far this year, let go of regret, and set mindful intentions for the weeks ahead.

Taurus: It’s time to find closure on whatever problems or drama have been holding you back. Take a long walk, reflect with your thoughts, and listen to your favorite moody playlist. You’re going to come out of this time with renewed energy to take on new opportunities and leave the past behind.

Gemini: Change the world this week. Connect with a local service organization and champion a cause that really matters to you. Through giving back, volunteering, and meaningful leadership, you can truly make a difference for others and enrich your own life in the process.

Cancer: Plan something special in the upcoming days. Whether it’s a Valentine’s date night or an outing with friends, take control of your social calendar and put together an experience to remember. The happy memories you make will lift your spirits through any stressful times ahead.

Leo: The sky is bright and you’re ready to face anything that’s in your path. Keep the good vibes rolling in for another week as you laugh, let go of worries, spread kindness and generosity, and get out of your comfort zone.

Virgo: This is the perfect week to be a social butterfly. Reach out to new and old friends and connect them to each other, since your old friend group is set to have a refresh this month. Valentine’s Day is a fabulous occasion to remind your friends how much they mean to you.

Libra: Change and renewal are on the horizon this week. You’re going to feel new feelings and find yourself drawn to experiences (or people) you may not have noticed before. Lean into your natural curiosity, it will bring the excitement you’ve been waiting for.

Scorpio: As the saying goes, opposites attract. This week, align yourself with people whose views, lifestyles, or opinions are different from yours. Listen to them with an open mind: it’s okay to argue, but allowing space for another perspective can increase empathy and create new connections.

Sagittarius: Be honest and open this week. Tell others the truth, even if it isn’t easy, and don’t be afraid to stand alone if it means being true to yourself. Not everyone can handle authenticity, but that’s okay - you need to put yourself first.

Capricorn: Set boundaries and put an end to toxic relationships in your life, just in time for Valentine’s Day. There is no greater act of self-love than ending something that is causing you stress and holding you back from the happiness and success you deserve. I’m cheering for you!

Come back next week for more wisdom from above!