Lily Chee: February Nail Art With Britney


Hey cuties, I’m back! It’s February, which means it’s Valentine’s Day season, and I wanna make sure your nails are on point all month. Whether you have a romantic date or a night in with chocolate and your BFFs, follow these easy steps for the cutest Valentine’s Day nails!

I call this one “Sparkle Ombré Queen”

First thing’s first, make sure you have all your materials:

Light pink nail polish

Nail glitter

Application brush

Top coat

Now follow these easy steps:

•Apply light pink nail polish to every finger and wait thirty minutes to let it dry.

•Pick a color glitter to use. For valentine’s day, red, pink, or gold will look best!

•Lightly wet the application brush, dip it into the glitter of your choice, then brush it onto each nail. Apply the glitter in more highly concentrated amounts at the tip of the nail, then lighter as you move towards the base for an ombré look.

•Apply top coat and wait another thirty minutes to make sure it’s fully dry.

And just like that, you’re glitter royalty!