Hey Harmony: I Don't Have a Valentine


Hey Harmony,

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day of fun and love, but I’m not feeling it this year. I’ve been crushing on a boy in my grade since Christmas, and we’ve been texting a lot lately...but when I bring up Valentine’s Day, he doesn’t say anything. I would normally spend the day with my BFF Sydney, but this year she has a date with her crush and is too busy for our friendship. Thinking about going into school for a day of roses, hearts, and pink makes me feel sick! I won’t even be able to focus on my classes when I’m thinking about how lonely I am. What should I do?!  


Forever Alone



Forever alone?! No way. I think you’re just being a tiny bit dramatic (don’t worry, I’ve been there), because it sounds like you’ve got a lot of love to go around in your life. Let’s do a simple 3-step plan to get you out of this funk and on the road to fun!

Here’s the first step: reach out to your crush. I know it’s scary, but if you’ve been texting for months, it’s time to make a move and let him know you’re ready to take your friendship to the next level. Make it casual by surprising him with his favorite candy bar, inviting him over for a homework study date, or joining your BFF and her crush for a group hangout. Love is in the air, and this is the perfect moment to take a chance and see if you have something real! And if he's not interested? Say goodbye and MOVE ON!

Second, have you ever heard of Galentine’s Day?! Even if your BFF is crush-absorbed, the holiday is a fantastic time to remind your whole crew what they mean to you. Get your friends cute earrings or candy hearts and invite them to see a romantic comedy or have a sleepover this weekend. Spread love to everyone you know!

Lastly, give yourself a confidence boost and be your own Valentine! Today is a perfect excuse to treat yo’self with face masks, desserts, and your favorite outfit. Put on a smile and remind yourself that you are worthy of love and happiness. You’ve got to love yourself before you can give it to others!

Remember: You don’t have to love roses and pink to love Valentine’s Day. Make it your own! The people who love the real you will be drawn to you anyway.