On The Ropes: The 411


Action-packed On The Ropes is heading your way next week! Scroll to hear what the cast had to say about making this boxing-centric show come to life:

How did you feel when you first found out you were going to be on Brat’s newest show?

Mariah Wesley (Maria): Excited! 

Walker Satterwhite (Cliff): Pumped! As part of a generation who doesn’t watch traditional television, the opportunity to be part of a network that understands that and focuses on creating original content specifically designed for us on YouTube, one of my favorite platforms, was exciting.  

Bella Shepard (Jackie): I was really excited. I think Brat is continually creating content that is new and different than what is out there today. A Girl Named Jo is set in the 1960's, so I was really looking forward to creating a character that lives in 2019!

Ava Jules (Adrienne): When I first found out I was going to be on a new Brat show I was so surprised that I started screaming in class. I wanted to do a show with you guys so badly and it finally happened!

What makes this show special?

Mariah Wesley (Maria): On The Ropes features three very strong female characters that all know what they want and go about getting it in their own unique ways.

Walker Satterwhite (Cliff): On the Ropes is special because it gives the audience a glimpse into the world of boxing and I can’t think of another show where that’s been done before.  Because the lead of the show is a boxer, it gives On the Ropes a true sense of authenticity you wouldn’t get otherwise. We root for “Sonny” because we know that in real life, like in the show, boxing is his passion.   

Bella Shepard (Jackie): It features several real boxers, so the boxing scenes you see are the real deal. They are authentic and exciting.

Ava Jules (Adrienne): This show is special because there’s a lot of drama in it that will appeal to older audiences. Teenagers in high school will be able to relate to a lot of the problems that go on in the show. 

How are you like your character?

Mariah Wesley (Maria): Well besides our names being similar, Maria/Mariah, lol, Maria knows what she wants and she doesn’t compromise and that’s a girl after my own heart.

Walker Satterwhite (Cliff): I’m like my character Cliff in that I’m an extremely loyal person.  

Bella Shepard (Jackie): Jackie is a little guarded and I'd say I am too. I like to observe people before I make up my mind about them. She's also strong and although she's stubborn (like me) she is also open to change. Lastly, she is self-confident, and so am I.

Ava Jules (Adrienne): I’m like my character in the sense that I always pour so much into the people that I care about. Other than that, we are polar opposites. 

How are you different from your character?

Mariah Wesley (Maria): Maria may or may not have a questionable moral compass…

Walker Satterwhite (Cliff): Well, the most obvious difference is I don’t have a criminal record.

Bella Shepard (Jackie): Jackie doesn't believe there is a lot of goodness in life that she deserves. I was raised believing I could not only achieve whatever I go after, but also that I deserve it.

Ava Jules (Adrienne): My style and personality are complete opposites from my character. Adrienne dresses super preppy and always is done up, whereas I do not really care as much. As for our personalities, she’s very uptight and has to have things done a certain way. Me on the other hand, I’m more laid back. 

What are you most excited for the audience to see?

Mariah Wesley (Maria): I’m most excited for viewers to see the evolution and growth in all of the characters.

Walker Satterwhite (Cliff): I’m most excited for the viewers to see how the relationships on the show change and evolve as the season goes on.

Bella Shepard (Jackie): I'm excited for the viewers to experience the full story, and of course, to see the boxing!

Ava Jules (Adrienne): I’m excited for the viewers to see all the drama. A lot of it is unexpected!

Describe this season in one word:

Mariah Wesley (Maria): Boom!

Walker Satterwhite (Cliff): INTENSE.

Bella Shepard (Jackie): Exhilirating.

Ava Jules (Adrienne): Rollercoaster!

On The Ropes premiers Monday, February 25th at 3PM—make sure you swing by for a show that is sure to knock you out!