Sabrina's Self-Care Sunday 2/17


If you know me, you know I’m a hard worker. Quite often I feel like I’m out in the world fending for myself, which means I have to work twice as hard just to survive. But something I’ve learned: I’ll go crazy if I don’t stop to take it easy on myself. 2019 is the year I learn self-care. Come by on Sundays and I’ll share my favorite self-care tips and tricks with you!

Self-care tips to try this week:

Have breakfast for dinner.
Whether it’s an easy bowl of cereal or a complicated pancake recipe, try one of your favorite breakfast foods for a comforting dinner. 

Take a road trip.
Find a parent or pal who can drive and head to a nearby destination for some afternoon exploring. 

Film a YouTube video.
Big channel or small? It doesn’t matter. Get your creative juices flowing by turning on your camera and trying out the latest YouTube trend. 

Listen to some pump-up music.
Press play on your favorite Spotify playlist and belt out the lyrics to your heart’s delight. Ariana’s latest album is a great place to start. 

Go to bed early.
There is no better present to yourself than an early bedtime! Turn off the lights an hour earlier than usual for some much needed shut-eye. 

Take care of yo self, and I’ll see you next week!