Autumn's Weekly Horoscope 2/18


Welcome to my weekly horoscope, thanks for swinging by! I'm Autumn, and I'll be reading the stars for you. Find your sign and see what the stars have in store this week!

Aquarius: This week is all about abundance! Go shopping, treat yourself to a fancy dinner, upgrade your beauty routine, and take your friends out for a jam-packed day. You’re coming out of some stressful times, and sunshine is on the horizon - you deserve it.

Pisces: It’s about to be your birthday month, so live it up. Your best qualities are glimmering on your surface right now, so lean into your strengths and power through the week. Remember that you don’t have to be like somebody else to change the world, you just need to be YOU.

Aries: Let go of the fear that you’ll never be good enough. Instead, focus on being mindful in the moment and redefining what good enough means for your unique self. Being stifled by insecurity is never a good feeling, but accepting yourself (the good and the bad) and setting realistic goals will only help you fulfill your potential.

Taurus: Feeling FOMO? That’s perfectly okay. If you constantly feel like you’re missing out, consider some changes to your weekly schedule. Maybe it’s time to leave behind an extracurricular activity to spend more quality time with friends and family.

Gemini: Grab a friend and try out a new hobby this week. If you don’t love the activity, it will make your friendship even closer and broaden your horizons. If you do, then you may be on your way to discovering an outlet or passion. From athletics to art, you never know what you’ll accomplish if you never try.

Cancer: Remember that it’s possible to travel to new worlds without walking out your front door. As you feel the itch to explore this week, try using your mind for the exploration. New books, movies, experiences, and relationships can do more for your soul than a vacation right now.

Leo: Organize your surroundings to clear your mind. Paint your bedroom walls, wash the dishes, and throw away clutter that’s been piling up these past few weeks. You may be surprised to find an old favorite item you’d forgotten, and you’ll be ready to make room for new things coming into your life.

Virgo: Connection comes with vulnerability, so don’t be scared to show honesty to those you care about. A new partnership is on the horizon, and you can only find it if you speak your truth and display your most authentic self to the world. It may feel intimidating, but it’s worth it to find your perfect match.

Libra: This week, you may find yourself thinking about the past more than usual. That’s a sign that it’s time to find closure and heal from old wounds. Do whatever it takes to start the healing process - journaling, meditating, conversation - and prepare to enter the world again as a softer, more compassionate person.

Scorpio: Bring out your inner queen this week. Your confidence is surging, so take risks, experiment with your style, and put yourself out of your comfort zone whenever you can. Your adventurous spirit is sure to boost your self-esteem even greater and inspire others to follow your lead.

Sagittarius: It’s okay to be sensitive. Get to know the most open-hearted parts of yourself, whether that’s from trying new creative projects, connecting with close friends, or just crying at an emotional movie on Netflix. There’s nothing wrong with letting your feelings out, and a good cry can lead to a powerful sense of renewal.

Capricorn: Be real with yourself this week. Whatever you truly want (not what you think you should want), go after it! The world is yours in this moment, and only you can hold yourself back from pursuing success and going after your dreams. Don’t be afraid to let the life you imagine become your every day.

See you next week for more wisdom from above!