Zoe Valentine: Magic Tricks With Zoe and Brody


Zoe and her BFF Brody are working to nail down some impressive magic tricks. Wanna join the fun and impress your friends? Stop by on Wednesdays for some shockingly easy tricks!

Trick 4: Vanishing Coin

The trick: Make a coin disappear into thin air!

The props: One coin—that’s it!

The super simple steps:

•Place the coin in your right hand on your second and third finger.


• PRETEND to transfer the coin into your left hand, but secretly keep it in your right hand by clipping it in with your thumb when you turn your hand over. Magicians call this the “false transfer.“


• Make a fist with your left hand, as if the coin is in that hand, and hold it up for the audience to see.

• Say, “Now for the disappearing act,” and blow on your left hand.

• Gently open your palm to show the audience that, in fact, the coin has vanished!


And remember: life is magic!