Addison Riecke: Cathy's Diary Entry 8



No matter how far we ran to the future, our past was never far behind.

Just like that, with a blow to the head, everything came together. It was like a tough homework problem for chemistry: an equation to balance, with seemingly separate elements coming together at the exact moment needed for reaction. Ernie Sutherland’s strike to my head should have injured me, but instead it revived exactly the memory I needed. Ray, trapped in the shed by Henry, screaming out my name over and over. It was just like the dream I’ve been having. Except it was real life, and it wasn’t Ray this time around. It was Lawrence DuPont.

Henry trapped Lawrence in the shed so he could run away with Principal Wilson. That’s the big secret Ray was trying to tell me, and that’s the reason the principal pushed Jo and Abby to stage the sit-in at the diner. She didn’t even care about Dwight and Abby’s rights, just her own selfish desires. Though things turned violent near the end, I’m just thankful no one got hurt. Most of all, I’m grateful that it led to all of us finding out the truth.

The truth is not always easy to hear. Now, Henry’s gone, and my family lost nearly all our money. I’m not the richest girl in town anymore. I suppose, for most Attaway girls, that’s just normal. I hear a voice in the back of my head saying: but I don’t want to be normal. That doesn’t mean I need Fitzroy status again, it just means I want some of the adventure back. Some of Jo Chambers.

With Jo and Abby far away in New York, at least I have Dwight. We keep each other company, help each other with homework, make each other laugh. I suppose that, if not for Jo, I would never have met Dwight. I have her to thank for that, and for everything else.

I’m lucky that I met Jo Chambers. I went from being timid, meek, and constantly worried of what my parents thought of me, to being strong, resilient, and courageous. I feel lucky for the journey we went on together: the excitement, the darkness, and the seemingly inseparable bond we had formed.

I miss her, but above all, I am full of hope. I hope every person in the world can have a best friend like Jo Chambers. People like her make all of us truer to ourselves, ready for adventure, and set to make a change in our own little worlds.

No matter what’s ahead for me in the future, I hope that Jo Chambers is never too far behind