Zoe Valentine: What's In Your Backpack?


What does aspiring magician Zoe Valentine bring to school every day? Scroll to find out!


Big Book of Magic Tricks by Karl Fulves

Even when she’s questioning her future as a magician, Zoe keeps this book with her because it reminds her of Cleo.


Composition Notebook

Despite the drama going on all around her, Zoe takes detailed notes in every class.


Pens in every color

…AND she keeps it colorful.


Deck of cards

A great magician gets great with practice! Zoe keeps these in her backpack so she can practice in between classes.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 12.47.15 PM.png

Photograph of mom and sister

Losing Cleo was a tragedy that Zoe will never fully get over. This picture is a comfort to her in the confusing wake of this loss.


Hair ties

Zoe works best with her hair in braids.


Wire-framed glasses

Zoe always brings a backup pair of glasses along in case something happens to the pair she’s wearing!