Sonny Mendoza: What's In Your Backpack?


Sonny Mendoza is a star student with his eye on a college career. Scroll to find out what he takes to school every day!


2019 Guide to Colleges

With his eye on the college prize, Sonny likes to keep track of any important info regarding each of his prospects. What better way to do that than with the ultimate guide?


Scientific calculator

This scientific calculator is a must for Sonny staying on top of his grades.


Photo of Adrienne

He may be obsessed with success, but he keeps this picture of his girlfriend to remind him of what really matters: love.


Boxing notebook

Muhammad Ali and his namesake Sonny Linston keep this Sonny motivated during school hours.


Noise-cancelling headphones

Life is loud, and Sonny needs to block out the sound if he wants to focus!


History flash cards

Determined to get good grades, Sonny uses these cards to study in between classes.


Flirting For Dummies

What started as just a joke between friends got Sonny thinking he might actually need some help.

What’s next for Sonny? Tune in Mondays at 3PM to follow him on his journey!