Zoe Valentine: The Final Magic Trick


Today, Zoe Valentine Season 1 comes to an end. To commemorate Zoe’s journey, here’s one last magic trick to stun your friends. We saved the best for last!

Trick 5: Cup Through The Table

The trick: Make a cup jump through the solid surface of a table!

The props: one plastic cup, one coin, one piece of paper large enough to completely cover the cup. And, of course, a table.

The super simple steps:

• Place the coin on the table, and tell your audience that you’re going to make it go through the table. This is misdirection: you’re making your audience pay attention to the coin, when it’s actually the cup that you’ll be manipulating.


• Cover the coin with the cup, then cover the cup with the piece of paper. Make sure the paper takes the shape of the cup.


• Lift the paper (while keeping the cup inside it), to show the audience that the coin is still there. When you do this, bring the paper and cup close enough to yourself that you can subtly drop the cup into your lap, while keeping the paper looking like it still has the cup inside.


• When you set the paper (in the cup shape) back over the coin, the audience will think the cup is still there, even though now it’s in your lap!

• Ask your audience if they’re prepared to be amazed, then slam your hand down hard onto the paper, which will collapse immediately (since the cup actually isn’t there).


• Say “Oh no, that may have been a little too aggressive!“ and lift the paper to reveal that, in fact, the cup has vanished right through the table.

• Pretend to reach under the table—though really you’ll just be reaching into your lap—to prove that the cup went all the way through the solid surface of the table.

• Then take your bow, because this one will have them WOWED.

And remember, life is magic!