Zoe Valentine: Magic Tricks With Zoe and Brody


Zoe and her BFF Brody are working to nail down some impressive magic tricks. Wanna join the fun and impress your friends? Stop by on Wednesdays for some shockingly easy tricks!

Trick 2: Kings and Queens

The trick: In a mess of cards, the kings, queens, jacks, and aces will find a way to stick together!

The props: A deck of cards—that’s it!

The super simple steps:

  1. Remove all the face cards and the aces from the deck and set the rest aside.

  2. Place all the queens in a row and say, “The queens decided to go on vacation, and they invited their husbands along for the trip.” Then place the kings on top of each queen, hearts with hearts, diamonds with diamonds etc.

  3. Next say, “the kings and queens didn’t want to leave their sons at home, so of course they came along too,“ and place the jacks on top of the kings. Again, hearts with hearts, diamonds with diamonds etc.

  4. Then: “Of course, they couldn’t forget their daughters,” and place the aces on top of the jacks. Hearts with hearts, diamonds with diamonds etc.

  5. Now, ask your audience if they’re ready for things to get interesting!

  6. Say, “During their trip, they all got mixed up,“ and put all the stacks of cards together, one on top of the other. Turn the deck facedown and ask somebody in your audience to cut it three times, putting the deck back together after each cut.

  7. Once the audience member has cut the deck three times, say, “But by the time it was time to fly home, everyone was back where they belonged.“ Starting from the top of the pile lay the cards out in four stacks face down, placing one card in each stack until you’re out of cards.

  8. Turn the piles over: All the queens will be together, as will the kings, jacks, and aces.

And remember: life is magic!