Jackie's Diary: Bad, Like I Am


Dear Diary,

Remember that kid Sonny I told you about? Well, I didn’t expect him to become such a big part of my life so quickly. And I don’t blame him for it as much as I blame his mom. Though maybe blame isn’t the right word considering I’m a little...grateful?

See, when she found out the cops were going to take me into State custody (since my mom can’t take care of me or whatever), she arranged for me to stay at her place instead. Their place, that is. So, yeah, now I live with Sonny Mendoza. It’s not where I want to live, but at least it’s not some scary foster home. Things could be worse.

Did I mention his mom is the school guidance counselor? I guess she’s taken a special interest in me because she came from the wrong side of the tracks too. Meaning, she used to be poor and in trouble all the time just like I am. Meaning, she thinks that if she works on me I’ll turn out okay in the end just like she did. It’s like I’m her project. She wants me to take emergency medical training classes twice a week after school and actually had the nerve to say it would help me be able to take care of my mom. Can you believe that? But I couldn’t stay too angry for too long because, well, she’s right. And because sometimes I like to think of a future where I’m not a total punk, where I make something of myself, where I don’t end up in jail. Life Cliff.

Cliff called from jail and said things would be back to normal soon. But do I want things back to normal? If our normal is robbing old ladies to pay our parents’ medical bills then...well, I’m hungry for something new. Something different.

And I have a feeling I’m not the only one. I’ve seen the way Sonny lights up when he enters the boxing gym--it’s like he was born for it. I’m starting to wonder: if we’re spending so much time together, will he be able to make me good, like he is? Or will I make him bad, like I am?

XX, Jackie