Five Ways to Rock Green This St. Patrick's Day


St. Patrick’s day is tomorrow, and you don’t want to be seen out and about without your green on, do you? Scroll to find the perfect St. Patrick’s Day aesthetic that’s right for you!

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Green isn’t your thing? Maybe you’re more like Indiana Massara and prefer red! If that’s the case, put on a pair of earrings and call it a day. No one can accuse you of forgetting to wear green!

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Maybe you’re cool with green but don’t want to go crazy about it. Wearing a cute sundress (or really any other item of clothes) in this St. Patrick’s Day color will do the trick. Plus, you can probably find this just by opening your closet!


If you’re in the mood to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day but don’t want to put too much effort into your outfit, throw on a simple T-shirt—you’ll be cute and colorful without being over the top.


No need to wear green clothes. If you prefer, follow a simple makeup tutorial and paint your eyelids emerald!

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If you love St. Patrick’s Day and want to represent your Irish roots, this is the choice for you. Sparkling sequins and four leaf clovers—let everyone see your pride!

Whatever you decide to wear on St. Patrick’s Day, we wish you all the luck in the world!