March at the Attaway Appeal


Greetings Armadillos, and welcome to March Magic at the Attaway Appeal! We have some brand new students AND brand new stories for you to sink your teeth into, so grab a paper and join the ride, you won’t want to miss this!

Student of the Month


Sonny Mendoza

G.P.A: 4.2

Absences: 0

Tardies: 0

Sonny Mendoza is one of Attaway High’s highest achieving students, striving every day for a bright future. He’ll be attending the pre-college program at Province College this Summer, which will help him towards his goals of attending the college full-time once he graduates next year. Good luck, Sonny!

“Social Studies”


Rhyme and Drake = Over?

Rumor has it, their relationship is sailing on rocky waters, and could be headed towards “the end.”

“I’m not totally sure what’s going on,” one source tell us, “But she met this guy in Miami during Spring break. He’s British and CUTE.”

“I think there’s a chance he [Drake] has feelings for someone else,” Says a second source, “This is high school, feelings chance.”

On a more serious note, Birdie Kay seems to be finally recovering after her car crash this past Winter. Birdie, we can’t wait to see you back in the Attaway High halls!

Meanwhile, Jackie Rodriguez has been living with our student of the month, Sonny Mendoza. How will this effect their already tense relationship? How will it effect his relationship with Adrienne, or Jackie’s relationship with Cliff? We hope to have updates on all fronts for you in next month’s issue!

Events at Attaway


St. Patrick’s Day

Will you remember to wear green this St. Patrick’s Day? If you do, join us in the quad for an ice cream celebration!

Attaway’s Most Wanted

Jackie Rodriguez: Stealing, fighting, cutting class. These are just three of the infractions Jackie Rodriguez is guilty of. Cliff, who is said to be her boyfriend, was arrested for attempted robbery—did Jackie possibly work as his accomplice?

Spike Smith: Last seen fleeing the scene after crashing his car in an accident that landed Birdie Kay in the hospital. Some witnesses say the crash was his fault, but the police need more information, including his whereabouts!

If you have any information on either of these two, you know where to find us!

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. See you next month, Armadillos!