Talking Spring Breakaway


We’re gearing up to break away on March 15th with the latest Brat movie, Spring Breakaway. Scroll to read what the stars had to say about their experience making this story come to life:

What was your favorite scene to shoot for Spring Breakaway?

Anna Cathcart: That's so hard! There were so many fun scenes! But I think if I had to pick one, it would be the spa scene in the hotel when we were wearing robes and doing face masks. It was so much fun and there were so many giggles! It was like being at a slumber party!

Lilia Buckingham: I loved shooting the scene where the girls and I got to wear these green face masks and really comfy robes because it truly felt like we were all just having a sleepover and the scene itself is just so sweet and giggly. Also, we were FREEZING, so the robes were super warm compared to our sundresses. But honestly, I was always laughing with this cast, so every scene was fun to shoot!

Tell us about the coolest outfit you got wear while filming?

Anna Cathcart: I actually loved wearing the robe and slippers haha!!

Lilia Buckingham: I wore this red, long dress in a few of the scenes, and it was definitely one of my favorite "Autumn" outfits. When I first saw it in my fitting, I was SO excited to wear it because it's got this bohemian/greek goddess vibe!

What was your favorite spring vacation in real life?

Anna Cathcart: Going to China with my cousins. I'm half Chinese and it was so cool to learn more about my culture and to meet some of my relatives for the first time. It was so different from anywhere else I had ever visited. And the food was SO good! I would love to go back!

Lilia Buckingham: I always go to Mexico with my friends from school for spring break and we always have the best time. It's tradition, and getting to go on vacation with some of your best friends is amazing!

What would your ideal Spring vacation be like? Where would you go etc?

Anna Cathcart: I would love to go to London, England with all my friends and family. I think it's such a cool city! It would be a dream to fly first class (which I've never done before) and stay in a super fancy hotel!

Lilia Buckingham: I've always wanted to go to Bora Bora. The water is so clear, and it just looks so serene. I'd probably just bring the whole Spring Breakaway cast and crew, because they make everything so much fun!

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 5 things, what would they be?

Anna Cathcart: Do people count? Because I would bring my family and of course, my dog! Then I guess I would add my phone, all my favourite foods, and my fuzzy blanket!

Lilia Buckingham: I'd bring Annie, Anna, Kiana, a camera, and a yacht.

What are you most excited for the fans to see?

Anna Cathcart: If people have half as much fun watching this as we did filming it, they're going to LOVE IT! The cast had so much fun on set and I think it shows on camera! I can hardly wait for people to see our chemistry!

Lilia Buckingham: I can't wait for everyone to see the onscreen chemistry that this cast has. We had the best time making this movie, and we all have so much love for each other. So it'll be really wonderful for the audience to be able to feel and see that love.

Spring Breakaway premiers tomorrow, March 15th, at 3PM—don’t miss out on the fun!