Talking Chicken Girls Season 4


Chicken Girls has come a long way since Season 1! Here’s what the cast had to say about filming the newest installment:

What makes this season different from the others?

Indiana Massara: Season 4 really has a much stronger focus on friendship and on girls having each other’s backs in times of trouble. 

Jay Ulloa: Things happen that you never really would’ve expected. This season really takes some sharp turns.

Brooke Butler: I really feel like the cast’s acting has improved. On top of that, this season brings up really serious issues that we, as a whole, need to be looking into a lot more!

How does your character change?

Indiana Massara: Rooney really figures out who she is in Season 4. She goes through ups and downs, but realises what’s important in the end.

Jay Ulloa: Drake still really isn’t over Annie, but manages to find someone new to take his mind off her. 

Brooke Butler: In Season 1 Ellie starts off as a dorky, boy crazy girl who just wants to go and have fun. This season, we see the feminist, self loving side of her!

Have YOU changed or learned anything while filming this season?

Indiana Massara: This is the 4th Season and so much has changed in all of our lives from Season 1 to now.  Friendships on set have definitely gotten stronger (despite what you may have heard). I’ve met people I couldn’t live without now and the cast and crew have become my USA family. I have learned both the good and bad things about having a social presence, as I only had 4,000 followers when I started filming Chicken Girls back in July of 2017.  It’s been amazing to see how everyone has developed careers with Brat and I love that Brat encourages us to do this.

Jay Ulloa: I’ve made some new friends, and learned how to balance. I was in the second semester of my senior year, recording my 2nd EP, and playing soccer. I learned how to balance my personal life, work life, and sports.

Brooke Butler: Absolutely! I constantly learn on set and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Tell us a funny/weird/memorable story from set...

Indiana Massara: In Season 4, we returned to the original school where Season 1 was shot. We had heard a rumour that the location was haunted and wanted to figure out if it was true. Jay and I and I few others were filming late on set and in between set-ups we decided to see if we could find something that would prove it was haunted. We went for a look around and there was a skinny staircase that had a gate at the end. It lead to a library and if you have ever been in a library at night you will know it’s the creepiest place to be, so we were already a little scared! We literally got two steps into the library when we all saw something fly by us in the reflection of a window. There was a wall behind us so there was no way anything could have been reflecting.  We screamed and ran so fast downstairs and we haven’t stopped talking about it since. 

Jay Ulloa: There was a situation - where we were exploring set. I was with Indiana and some other people and I swear we saw ghost.

Brooke Butler: Like every other season, there was the crafties addiction. We’re all just addicted to the snacks they give us on set. Jenny, the first AD (Assistant Director) let me draw on her iPad, which was a fun and memorable part of set life this season.

Describe this season in one word...

Indiana Massara: Truthful.

Jay Ulloa: Dramatic.

Brooke Butler: Important.

Chicken Girls Season 4 premiers TODAY at 3PM! Take a first look here: