Throwback Thursday: How Darius Marcell Learned to be Comfortable in His Own Skin

Today’s #throwbackthursday features Darius Marcell at six years old, the year he first told his mom he wanted to be an actor. Scroll to read what he had to say about growing up and gaining confidence!

As of today I’m not sure that I am any more or any less awkward than I was as a little kid. I think maybe I’ve just grown up enough to be a bit more comfortable in my own skin. Being in Los Angeles pursuing my dream as an actor has helped as well. Each set I am on has such a diverse group of characters. The city itself is so diverse as well, and so accepting of everyone. I feel like being here and working in this field has made me able to find myself in this world. Having support from my family and team is important when things get tough. Yeah, I guess I think accepting what makes us different, awkward, and what some people think makes us strange, is actually what makes us good! 





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