Sabrina's Self-Care Sunday 11/3


If you know me, you know I’m a hard worker. Quite often I feel like I’m out in the world fending for myself, which means I have to work twice as hard just to survive. But something I’ve learned: I’ll go crazy if I don’t stop to take it easy on myself. 2019 is the year I learn self-care. Come by on Sundays and I’ll share my favorite self-care tips and tricks with you!

Self-care tips to try this week:

Upgrade your skincare routine.

Whether it’s a fancy serum or your go-to face mask, put it on and give your skin some love.

Drink green tea.

Green tea is said to improve your physical health and your well-being. If you don’t like the taste, try it with a splash of honey!

Take a long shower.

Blast your favorite pop playlist, pretend you’re on vacation, and clear your mind of worries.

Watch a documentary.

Learning about something that genuinely interests you can ignite your mind for the busy week ahead.

Compliment your best friends.

Remind your BFFs why you love them and spread the warm and fuzzy vibes all around!

Take care of yo self, and I’ll see you next week!