Emily Skinner: Diana's Diary Reboot


Dear Diary,

It’s time to stop living in a fantasy.

In my fantasy world, I am a princess. That makes me feel childish, but it’s not about dressing up or looking like Cinderella or something (though don’t you worry, I can rock a blue dress and tiara better than anyone). It’s about ruling over everyone, being the one to write the rules in the first place. I get to say what’s cool and what’s not. I get to say who’s my friend and who’s a loser. I get to say who wants to date me, and exactly how our relationship gets to go.

Here’s the truth: I know I don’t need to imagine myself as a princess to lead my life in the way I want. I may not have Morgan any longer, now that she’s wasting time with Eli and his nerd crew, but I have Jenna by my side again. As long as I keep her secret from Kate, Cassie, Scott, and the rest of Millwood High, she’s my lady-in-waiting in perpetuity. If I have Jenna, that means I have friends, so I can’t be that bad of a person. Right?! Jenna says I don’t have a good side, but there has to be a part of her that genuinely likes hanging out with me. I mean, we all used to be friends when we were younger. Back when everyone wanted to play royalty, and they were okay with me lording over them all.

Julian doesn’t seem to understand any of this. I just wanted him to stand by my side at the dance, to make Cassie furious and the rest of the world envious. To remind myself that I’m powerful and can get whatever and whoever I want. I want Cassie to look at me with Julian, and feel like how I felt when she stole my friends or danced better than me in class. I didn’t want a clingy, jealous, in-my-face boyfriend trying to change me or make me think I have to answer to him. I’m Diana. I don’t answer to anyone.

I don’t need a prince. In fact, I don’t even need to be a princess. I just need to keep showing everyone that I have what it takes to stay on top. I won’t let anyone stand in my way.

The fantasy may be coming to an end, but real life is just beginning.

Until next time,


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