Talking Stuck


Stuck, comes out TOMORROW at 3PM! Watch the trailer and read what the cast had to say abut making our newest show come to life!

What makes this show special?

Ava Cardoso-Smith: The self-discovery of the main character. You fully see an arc of where she was in the beginning and how she ends up, blossoming and becoming a new person. I think that’s inspirational for teenagers beause being a teenager is so hard. I think this show accurately depicts the realities of teenage struggles.

Matt Anspach: Every character is so diverse, so I think everyone will have someone to relate to!

Hailey Sani: It kind of shows you how every decision you make throughout the day controls the rest of your life….you get to see different outcomes from different decisions!

Darius Marcell: It’s a completely new concept and style for Brat—very exciting.

How did you find out you were going to be on Brat’s newest show, and how did it feel?

Ava Cardoso-Smith: It was surprising and random and I’m super happy to be here!!! It all happened out of the blue.

Matt Anspach: I got the audition through my agent, and a day later I found out I was on hold for the role. Then the next day I got offered the role—it was an exciting whirlwind!

Hailey Sani: My manager texted me and let me know about the role, and I said I wanted to do put me in a great mood.

Darius Marcell: I was excited to be on this show because it’s new and has such a different concept!

Do you have a funny story from set?

Ava Cardoso-Smith: Matt and I feuded a lot in between takes. In a fun way.

Matt Anspach: There’s a scene we filmed in a coffee shop, and we had to do a lot of takes so I ended up having to eat like five croissants!

Hailey Sani: Ava had to make lots of weird noises. Long haaaaaas. You may have to see it to get the humor.

Darius Marcell: There’s a scene where Enya had to grab my hand, and I don’t know why but she kept clamping onto it like a claw...that was pretty funny.

What are you most excited for the viewers to see?

Ava Cardoso-Smith: This show has a really realistic depiction of what it’s like inside a teenager’s mind. That’s why I wanted to do this show.

Matt Anspach: At the end of the day it’s just a really fun story and a cool show! I think you’ll love it.

Hailey Sani: Honestly, I’m excited (and nervous) for everyone to see me act for the first time!

Darius Marcell: The show is gonna be awesome…it’s so unique. There are so many different people and characters involved, so there’ll be somebody for everybody.

How are you most like your character?

Ava Cardoso-Smith: I’m actually the opposite of my character. She’s kind of happy-go-lucky and I’m just not. I’m dark and mysterious and moody. Just kidding. Kind of.

Matt Anspach: We both played football in high school, and I’ve definitely had my girl drama before.

Hailey Sani: Tara is definitely a bit of a girly-girl, and I’m also very in-touch with my feminine side.

Darius Marcell: I love red slushies and so does my character...he has great taste.

How are you different from your character?

Ava Cardoso-Smith: Lottie is a little mean and annoying—I’d like to think I’m not like that.

Matt Anspach: I’m more loyal… ;)

Hailey Sani: She cares too much...I don’t care that much.

Darius Marcell: Style wise, clothing wise… he’s super charming and charismatic in a way that I feel like I’m not.

Now there’s only one question left: ARE YOU READY FOR IT?