Hey Harmony: It Wasn't My Fault


Hey Harmony,

I don’t have a lot of friends in my Honors English class, but there’s a cool group of girls I’ve wanted to get to know. Last week, one of the girls, Ella, invited me to sit with her and her friends and work on a project. Ella is kind of the leader of that group, so I was excited to be asked.

We had a substitute teacher so everyone was being louder than usual, and kind of disrespectful. It was mostly Ella and her friends talking loudly and being rude, but I was laughing to join in. Finally, the sub got so mad and said that the next person who talked would get sent to the principal. Ella whispered something funny in my ear, and I laughed and responded, and the sub freaked out. Even though I said I didn’t do anything, I got sent to the principal and got a detention on Friday!

When my parents found out about the detention, they got so angry that they are going to take away my phone and ground me for the entire spring break next week. I’m a good student and don’t usually get in trouble, but I don’t want to tattle on Ella and her friends. But, this isn’t fair! It isn’t my fault and I want to have a fun spring break. What should I do?!


Last Days of Freedom



Oh boy, this is tough. Now, let’s be clear (and I’m going to give you some tough love here): some of this was your fault. Not all of it, of course, but you’ve got to own up to your mistakes in order to make things right! That can seem scary, but don’t worry, because your girl Harmony is here to help.

I’ve been told that actions have consequences. For example, when I turned Rhyme’s bedroom into my own personal splatter paint studio, that one didn’t go so well. Nor did ditching my homework for a spa sleepover with Sky. Come to think of it, pretending to be Hank caused some problems for me, too... Should I reconsider my choices? Nah, I’m amazing.

Alas, I digress. Point is: you messed up. You wanted to be cool, so you did a few things that made you feel uncomfortable. You laughed at some rude jokes, and you talked when the teacher said not to. Doesn’t matter if Ella is the coolest person in the world, or the substitute is the worst. You broke the rules, and you got in trouble. This one's on you.

Try being honest with your parents, and maybe even your teacher. Ask if there’s an extra credit assignment you can do to make up for the detention, or ask your parents if you can trade a few days of grounding for a big chore around the house (BTW, if you need extra chores to do you can always come visit me!).

As for Ella and her friends? You can be pals when it works for you, but don’t compromise your morals for people who don’t truly accept you. You’ll spend less time in detention, and more time with your real friends.

And if none of it works out, enjoy your week of unplugging! Clean your room, take a walk, read a book. I’ve heard it’s not so bad. I’ll be here when you get back!

Hugs, Harmony