QUIZ'N: What Your Dream Spring Break Location Says About You


Spring break (and Spring Breakaway) are right around the corner!!! If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be? Scroll to find out what your dream Spring break location says about you:

Hawaii: You’ve been working hard this semester and are ready to chill out hard this Spring break. You’re not looking to dance the night away as much as you’re looking to lie in the sand all day!

Miami: You love to let loose and make long-lasting memories. This will be one Spring break you never forget.

Paris: You’re a hopeless romantic, and may meet someone special this Spring break!

Los Angeles: You crave possibility and diversity. Get your sunglasses ready, the Silver Screen is waiting for you!

San Diego: You like having lots of options and don’t like having to “stick to the plan.” This Spring break will be full of spontaneity and adventure!

Martha’s Vineyard: Your tastes are classic, old fashioned, and sophisticated. You don’t plan on getting into trouble this Spring break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast!

New York City: Your idea of Spring break is a little different than everybody else’s. While your friends head for the beach, you’d rather read a book or see a play.