Annie LeBlanc: Rhyme's DIY Decor


Hi friends, and welcome to my newest DIY project: ROOM DECOR! Ready to give your room an upgrade? Just follow along on Fridays for my newest easy-to-do ideas!

Today’s idea: Rainbow Dry Erase Board

All you need is…

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.00.00 PM.png

Explore all your color options and pick whatever scheme you want!

Got your materials? Great! Now all you have to do is…

•Open up the frame and take out the backboard.

•Line rows of tape down onto the forward-facing side of the backboard in the pattern of a rainbow. You can do ROYGBIV, but feel free to mix it up if you want, it will still be all the colors of the rainbow!

•Put the frame back together

•Use your dry-erase markers to start writing!

Note: You can also use the dry-erase markers to decorate the white frame.

Tip: Go all green for a St. Patrick’s Day theme!

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