International Women's Day: Women We Admire


Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we asked some of your favorite stars about the women they admire. Here’s what they had to say:

Sissy Sheridan: I am inspired by Susan B. Anthony. She played a leading role in the women's suffrage movement which lead to the 19th Amendment of our U.S. Constitution, women's right to vote. Not only was Susan a women's rights activist, but she also made anti-slavery petitions at the young age of 17. For a young female living in her time in history she was fearless. She used her intelligence and voice to make a lasting impact on America and the world at large.  Something that I wish to do with my life as well.

Anna Cathcart: Well this isn’t a woman from far back in history, but I really admire Michelle Obama. She is so positive, intelligent, strong, compassionate and well-spoken and speaks up for so many good causes. She is such an inspirational role model!  And she still seems like a kind approachable person who has a sense of humor.

Lilia Buckingham: There are a lot of women I admire from history. I might say Jane Austen. She wrote during a time when women were not encouraged to be authors. She helped to give women a voice and pushed for equality in relationships and life. 

Bella Shepard: I admire Oprah for being very inspirational, and incredibly spiritually open. She is also a true example of what it means to give back. I strive to follow her example. 

Emily Skinner: One of the most inspiring women in history for me was Malala Yousafzai who won a Nobel peace prize at the age of 17 for championing a girl’s right to receive an education, which she did while living under Taliban rule. She almost lost her life to the cause as the Taliban attempted to assassinate her for spreading western ideas. But a gunshot to the head didn’t stop her. She recovered and became an even more visible advocate of education for girls. I love her bravery and strength, but most of all I admire her positive spirit and the compassionate, kind way in which she leads. 

How are you celebrating women’s day? Who do you admire? Let us know by emailing!