Autumn's Weekly Horoscope 4/1


Whether we like it or not, it’s Monday, and time for the week to begin. And if it’s going to begin, it might as well begin with some lovely little horoscopes, right?

Anxious, excited, or just plain curious about what this week has in store for you? Scroll to read what the cosmos have to say about it!

Aries: Listen to your head (and heart). Your intuition is leading you in the right direction, so follow your gut feelings in whatever direction they take you. You might just find something - or someone - surprising along the way. Trust your mind and just go along for the ride.

Taurus: Push past feelings of isolation and put yourself out there in new social situations. Your friendships are due for an update, and you may find yourself getting closer to someone you hadn’t previously thought about. Open your heart to others, even if it feels scary, because an unforgettable connection is on the other side.

Gemini: Make your dreams a reality this week. Go out for the team, sign up for a new club, start that hobby, or apply for that summer job you’ve been procrastinating. If you never try, you’ll never know how much you can succeed, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Cancer: This week, thinking positive will help you get ahead. Instead of worrying that you’re going to fail a test or get rejected, start imagining a top grade and being accepted by others. Once you can visualize how to get there and create realistic goals, it’s a lot easier to get started.

Leo: The truth always comes out, and this week you’re craving honesty. Seek out emotional conversations with friends, and open up to someone who makes you feel nervous. If there’s a secret you’ve been keeping in, this is the time to tell someone you trust and let go of the fear of judgment.

Virgo: This is a week for healing. Let go of your regrets and remorse from the past, and start to find closure on toxic situations and relationships. Write down what you’re feeling and rip up the paper when you’re done, reminding yourself that the only moment you can change is the present, and the past should stay in the past.

Libra: You’ve been working hard lately, and you’re finally feeling the effects! This is a week of easygoing and carefree success for you. Smile, laugh a lot, and enjoy time with friends. Your newfound feeling of lightness will bring you to a new relationship and possibly a romance.

Scorpio: Be brave and fearless when it comes to others and yourself. Be honest with your friends and try not to be fake or change yourself to fit in. When it comes to your inner life, take time for self-care and show yourself compassion, even for your biggest mistakes. You’re only human, and it’s courageous to forgive.

Sagittarius: Vulnerable moments lead to creativity, so don’t be afraid to feel your emotions. Cry, laugh, yell - whatever you’re feeling is valid and valuable. Turn your deepest feelings into creative expression through art, writing, even redecorating your room. You will look back on this time as a beautiful breakthrough, not a hopeless mess.

Capricorn: Be intentional this week. Set goals and purpose for each day, and write out a schedule before you go to bed each night. You won’t procrastinate as much, and you’ll be able to focus on what really matters. Plus, with your extra free time, you can actually have fun instead of stressing about what’s next.

Aquarius: It’s time to treat yo’self! Buy yourself a gift with your savings or take a night off homework to hang out with your friends. You’ve been working hard, and you deserve some time to celebrate. Don’t worry about the future, just live in the moment and let yourself relax.

Pisces: Take some time to manage your money this week. Set some financial goals for the coming months, and don’t spend now if you want to save for something bigger. There’s a major opportunity coming your way, and you don’t want to waste your money on something that won’t last.

See you next week for more wisdom from above!