Autumn's Weekly Horoscope 4/15


Whether we like it or not, it’s Monday, and time for the week to begin. And if it’s going to begin, it might as well begin with some lovely little horoscopes, right?

Anxious, excited, or just plain curious about what this week has in store for you? Scroll to read what the cosmos have to say about it!

Aries: You begin this week with strong organizational energy. Put it to use and get your plans (and room) in order, then relax knowing that it’s all taken care of.

Taurus: Your rebellious streak takes the wheel as this week begins. Have fun and be a free thinker, but run some of your more wild ideas by your friends to make sure you don’t get yourself into trouble.

Gemini: You and your bestie are thick as thieves, and although that’s a great thing, it’s important to make sure you’re thinking for yourself. Double check your motives and your beliefs, and remember, it’s okay if they’re different than your best friend’s!

Cancer: Your mind is sharper than ever this week, so it’s a good time to get ahead in school work and planning the future. Balance out the hard work with some well-earned relaxation time. Go on walks, take baths, and let yourself daydream!

Leo: You may find yourself faced with a situation that baffles you. Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know the right answer or the right thing to do, and take a moment to do some research. Feel free to ask friends and family members for their opinions before making a decision. But remember: whatever you choose will be the right choice.

Virgo: Let go of old, limiting beliefs, and try something completely new. Maybe you think surfing is dangerous or magic tricks just aren’t for you, but venturing into new territories this week will give you new perspective and open up your life to exciting possibilities.

Libra: Your extremely creative mind needs a break this week. Reset and restore by putting aside all creative projects and return to them next week. This will benefit both your art and your sanity.

Scorpio: Get ready to discover something new about yourself this week! Make sure to be open-minded when it comes to unusual things that come your way—turning your back on something just because it seems weird will get in the way of your important self-discoveries.

Sagittarius: Though you have big ideas and plans for yourself, your body is feeling tired and worn down. It’s okay to give it a rest, and it’s important that you never push yourself when your body is asking for a break. Let this week be low key, and see how you feel next week!

Capricorn: Use your creativity to make some new plans for the future. Nothing big, perhaps just a small trip or art project that you can be passionate about. You just may discover new interests that bring joy to your life.

Aquarius: Try to save money this week for a future endeavor. Even putting away a dollar or two will work in your favor. Ask an older friend or a parent for their money-saving tips, and you’ll be way ahead of the game. Your future self will thank you!

Pisces: Helping others has always been important to you, but this week it’s time to help yourself. Focus and apply yourself during school hours, then go home and relax until you can’t relax any more!

Come back next week for more wisdom from above!