Going Behind The Scenes of ‘Over It’, The Music Video

Have you seen the music video for Over It? Check it out here, and scroll to read what Director John Esparza had to say about how it came to life!

Two things we wanted to capture were sunny afternoon and neon night. After finding an awesome location in Los Angeles, it was simple to let the girls enjoy poolside hangs, tropical drinks, dancing, jokes, and karaoke.

I fell in love with color on this project and it's a big thanks to our wardrobe and stylist team. They put together some vibrant retro-inspired looks together for the girls and it really matches the vibrance of this song. Annie gets the blue jelly shoes, Indiana rocks the pretty-in-pink look, and Aliyah nails the choreo in a tassel skirt.

The wind was a major challenge and you'll probably catch that in the “Over It Making Of” video on IGTV.  It rained for two days straight before our shoot and all we were hoping for was a sunny day but won't we didn't consider was crazy windy at the top of this mountain. Specifically in the evening when the girls are preforming the choreography, we were going to cancel the night shots as the temperature continued to drop, but the girls insisted we finish the video! We were shocked how tough they were to go for it, and that's what I hope viewers take away from Over It. You can do anything you put your heart into, especially with your friends by your side.

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