Diana's Diary Reboot Entry 3


Want to know a secret? I did something nice today.

Okay, so it’s not a secret. Also, I’m not a mean person! I think people see me that way, but I’m just in control. I’m direct, I say what I feel, and I get what I want. The people who look at me and see someone cruel are just insecure and jealous. I mean, everything I’ve done in high school isn’t perfect, but nobody can be perfect all the time. Not even me, believe it or not.

I guess you want to know the nice thing I did. Well, it was for Jenna. Jenna and Scott, I mean. I was in the library and I saw Scott doing math homework. He seemed super upset, and not just about the fact that he messed up his geometry problem (I corrected him, no worries). I told him to be honest, and he said that Jenna was being distant and he didn’t understand her. Scott’s kind of popular now (weird, right?) and he should know that being popular means being controversial. When I told him that, he said he wanted everything to go back to how it was, though I can’t imagine wishing to be a nobody again.

In the end, I gave Scott my best advice: just chill and give Jenna some space. I know that isn’t something I would typically do - I have many amazing qualities, but I wouldn’t say I’m exactly chill. But, I know it’s the kind of thing Jenna would want. I mean, she did used to be my best friend. There’s a part of me, deep down, that cares about her - and Morgan and Cassie and all of them. But, there’s a bigger part of me that wants to keep my control. That’s why I blackmailed Jenna to be my friend while still keeping her shoplifting secret from Scott and Kate. I could show I care without having to show any weakness.

I wonder what it would be like to give people space, like I told Scott to do for Jenna. Would they just leave me behind or trample all over me? Or, would they actually like me better and want to be my friend again?

That’s for a future Diana to answer. For now, it’s back to studying. I need to be ready when it’s time to take on the world.