April at the Attaway Appeal


We’re halfway through April, and it’s already been one of the busiest, juiciest months in Attaway history! So grab a paper and take the afternoon off, these are some stories you wont want to miss.

Student of the month


Rhyme McAdams

G.P.A: 3.9

Absences: 2

Tardies: 1

Rhyme has been our student of the month before, but with all her she’s done lately, we’d be crazy not to give it to her again! Read on to catch up on her many accomplishments.

Leading story


Rhyme leads feminism into Attaway High

Though she didn’t originally intend for it to be published, Rhyme’s article on feminism took the school by storm. The article came out against teaching home economics in school, and the sexist implications of offering the classes only to girls and women. And just like that, whether she wanted to or not, Rhyme became the voice of feminism at Attaway High.

Monthly mystery



After a brutal day of holding our breath and our noses, the mystery of the horrible smell was finally solved.

“Once Flash mentioned the secret Sup headquarters, I realized that the room must be abandoned abandoned,” Says Rhyme, who successfully investigated this case, “Then I went snooping around and, well, I wish I could say I was surprised by what I found.”

Thanks to Rhyme, the rotting BLT sandwiches have been removed, and the air conditioner vents have all been cleaned!

Social Studies


Check, please.

Once upon a time, Adrienne and Sonny were a happy couple. But just last week they were seen in the hallway having what looked like a highly tense encounter.

“Adrienne offered Sonny a check to help him pay for the Provincetown program,” Says a witness, “And Sonny just tore it up in her face. I guess he wants to like, pursue boxing or something? I guess you never really know what’s going on in someone’s head.”

Without her help, how will he pay for Provincetown? Will he skip it altogether?

Meanwhile at Millwood…


Millwood’s First couple on the rocks?

School president Scott has been seen moping around campus, and his better half Jenna doesn’t seem too happy either.

“She’s going through a lot,” a Source tells us, “Her parents are a little crazy and I think it’s effecting her grades. But that doesn’t mean she wants to break up with Scott.”

“Now that he’s president, he’s getting kinda popular,” Says another Source, “It’s hard to juggle all that and have a girlfriend.”

Will her at-home woes and his busy schedule tear these two apart? We hope not!

That’s all the news that’s fit to print!