Rhyme's Diary Reboot Entry 5



I don’t mean to be dramatic, but boys are cancelled.

Okay, fine, maybe I’m being a little dramatic (is this how Harmony feels every day of her life?!), but I can’t help it. Ever since spring break ended, I’m just so sick and tired of watching every boy in Attaway (and Texas) mess with my life. Shouldn’t they know that girls can be stars on their own? When I find my own success, I don’t need a boy standing by my side.

When it comes to not needing boys, I’m not just talking about Ezra. But, of course, he’s continuing to put a dark cloud on my life at school. My second cover story in the Attaway Appeal killed it (at least according to Tim and, apparently, our principal), and it even got me a pin and a spot on the newspaper staff. And does Ezra congratulate me? No, obviously not. Instead, he uses the moment to criticize my grammar in front of everyone. Ugh. I am just so over it.

I know that Tim didn’t just compliment my cover story because I’m “some cute girl” like Ezra said. In these past few weeks, I’ve realized that I’m so much more than that. I can be proud of myself just for myself, not because I’m imagining someone else being proud of me or waiting for their reaction. There’s something so magical about that feeling, knowing that I’m doing things just for me.

Speaking of doing new things, I learned to play Shortnite this week! Don’t worry, I’m not changing so much that I’ve become a full-time gamer, I just wanted to investigate my suspicions about Flash. Turns out, I was right. He’s hiding more than some old BLT sandwiches in an abandoned room. He’s talking to a girl on that game, a girl who I am sure isn’t Kayla.

Flash isn’t the only one hiding something. When I walked back into the hallway to thank Robby Robbins for his gaming lesson, I saw Robby...kissing Ellie. Yes, previously broken-up-for-good Robby and Ellie. I don’t even have the energy to think about that one right now, so more on that later.

Here’s a secret of my own: I can’t understand why T.K. hasn’t written me back. It’s starting to drive me a little crazy...crazy enough to finally follow Harmony’s advice, at least. That girl can be dramatic, but she’s got some good points. I really can’t be the only one writing anymore. He may be too busy to write me back, but I’m busy, too. Maybe it’s time to let T.K. go, and just keep writing for me.

Boys may be cancelled, but this girl is just beginning to rise. Wish me luck!