Diana's Diary Reboot Entry 4



I didn’t think it would come to this, but Miss Dawson is officially my number one nemesis. And I am officially going to take her down.

How did this all transpire, you may ask? I mean, Miss Dawson was always annoying with giving out good grades to Morgan and all, but I didn’t think she was a legitimate threat. Cassie may have thought so, but I’m not Cassie. I didn’t think Miss Dawson would stoop so low as to mess with royalty.

Clearly, I was wrong (quite possibly for the first time in my life). All of her “let’s give everyone an A” behavior has landed me at number 26 in our class. You have to be in the top 25 to make National Honor Society, and guess who beat me out?! Eli, of all people. First, Miss Dawson makes Morgan seem smart, and then she takes the exact person who stole Morgan’s friendship and lets him beat me into the Honor Society? Um, no thanks. Something needed to be done.

I did the first thing I could think to do: I found Cassie and teamed up with her. I know, I know, should I really be associating with someone who would admit she forgot deodorant? But, despite the risks to my social reputation, Cassie isn’t too bad as a partner in crime. After all, I know she’s pretty trustworthy for keeping Jenna’s secret. And she’s been loyal to Kate, even when I tried to get between them. Come to think of it, Cassie might be the only friend who has never betrayed me. I guess that’s because I cast her aside before she even got the chance.

To take someone down, you have to find their kryptonite. That’s what I’m good at. Cassie’s was Brayden, back in the day, and Jenna’s was Scott. Now, I just had to find Miss Dawson’s. And, within just a few hours, I did.

Miss Dawson’s kryptonite is Jenna. Why? Well, that’s for me and Cassie to find out.