Throwback Thursday: Indiana Massara


Today’s Throwback Thursday features Indiana Massara as a kid growing up in Australia. Scroll to read how she overcame shyness and finally found her voice:

Growing up I always thought I would be either a professional Athlete or an Attorney…yet here I am in the entertainment industry! 

As a child I spoke with a lisp, and was very insecure about it. I had lots of speech therapy and it soon went away, but by then my confidence was already down. 

So I turned to running, specifically cross country running, and I took it very seriously! I dreamed about going to the Australian Institute of Sports and my idol was Sally Pearson, even though she was a hurdler. Running was something I could do without too much thinking, and that was really freeing. I still love it to this day, and run when I can.

I also used to sing around the house all the time. But, with my confidence down, I could never ever imagine myself singing in front of anyone else. I had an incredible primary school teacher, who I still speak to, who suggested to my Mum that joining a choir would get my courage and confidence up. I joined my local Church choir and that lead to me joining the Australian Girls Choir, and I loved every second. I knew singing was something I would do for the rest of my life.  

I was also really creative and would spend a lot of my time drawing and doing artwork. I wrote creative stories all the time and even designed my own boys clothing line, which I had a contract for at the age of 10. 

So my life now is very different than the one I had growing up – or the one I thought I would have. I do believe that the universe puts you where you are meant to be at the right time, and it’s definitely lead me to 2 careers that I am passionate about. 



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