Madisyn Shipman: Flora's 5 Ways To Make Every Day Earth Day


Happy Earth Day!

As Red Ruby approaches, get to know Flora with her five ways to take care of your planet and make every day Earth Day:

  1. Use a reusable water bottle

    Every time you use a reusable water bottle, it saves six gallons of water that otherwise would have been wasted by plastic disposable water bottles.

  2. Ride your bike whenever possible

    Think of all the pollution cars create! By riding your bike, you’ll be part of the pollution solution.

  3. Use biodegradable soaps

    Soap eventually winds up in the ocean, so it’s extremely important that it be able to decompose. Biodegradable soap is significantly better for the planet you love!

  4. When you see trash, pick it up

    A beautiful act of respect for your planet! Plus, every piece of trash counts when it comes to protecting the ecosystem.

  5. Turn off the lights whenever you’re not using them

    So easy! Also, replacing your lightbulbs with CFLs and LEDs can also cut down on the mercury and other pollutants created by traditional lightbulbs.

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